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Quality DIN EN ISO 9001
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Environment DIN EN ISO 14001

Seedpaper business card

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Quantity (pieces) Price
500 pieces 0,79 
1,000 pieces 0,51 
2,500 pieces 0,42 
5,000 pieces 0,39 
10,000 pieces 0,33 

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Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Delivery time

3-4 weeks


Flower mix, printing 4/0-c, Herb-mixture, printing 4/0-c, Poppy, printing 4/0-c, Thyme, printing 4/0-c, Flower mix, printing 4/4-c, Herb-mixture, printing 4/4-c, Poppy, printing 4/4-c, Thyme, printing 4/4-c


Sustainable, Plants, Bee-Friendly, Flowers, Herbs, Green Products, Garden, Spring, Giveaways, promotional items, Giveaway